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  Why We’re Here

Our mission is to offer the finest, most beautiful, exquisite, and unique gifts while doing our part to sustain the planet. That’s why we only work with mission-driven vendors who ship us their products in eco-conscious, bio-degradable packaging. That means no bubble wrap or peanuts in our landfills. Many of our vendors are women-run enterprises fueled by socially-conscious missions, lifting third-world countries out of poverty by employing them to craft jewelry, scarves, and pottery.

Located next door to the Catskill Mountain Foundation’s Orpheum Film & Performing Arts Center, in Tannersville, NY, and now online, our Shoppe features a carefully curated selection of handmade gifts from across our region and around the world with a focus on sustainable goods and one-of-a-kind gifts.

Our gifts are unusually beautiful and distinct. So you can give that special someone a gift that can’t be found anywhere else.

Visit us in Tannersville. Or shop online. 


What We Stand For

We believe in building today for a better tomorrow. The new retail is about building resilience and sustainability with beauty, purpose and distinction. Kaaterskille celebrates local and international artists and craftsman. Our standards are high. That’s why our merchandise is sourced only from eco-conscious vendors. So you have the highest quality, most durable, original and beautiful products — all while doing your part to sustain the planet.

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