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More than a gift shoppe.  We’re part of a movement to build a more sustainable, community-driven planet. Kaaterskill is your one-stop shoppe for the best in local and international hand-made products, art and sustainable goods.



I’m Robert Tomlinson

I’m the Director of Kaaterskill Gallery and Shoppe.

Most retail activities in the western world operate under the premise of supplying goods to customers in exchange for money with the sole goal of making a profit. 

It’s time for a re-set.

I’m committed to a new retail that believes that the exchange for goods must be anchored on the needs of the community — from production methods, to respect for the environment, to the longevity and usefulness of products, to the pride of creating something by hand. And of course, the joy of giving and receiving.

What We Do


The best in local and international hand-made products and sustainable goods.

Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, graduation, birthday, anniversary, or you just want something special for yourself, our gifts are beautiful, one-of-kind, colorful, unusual and fun. Our merchandise is crafted from all over the world with sustainability and social consciousness as the driving force.

It all starts here.


“Robert has exquisite taste. His gift shoppe is a work of art unto itself. Every gift is beautiful and you’d be hard put to find it anywhere else. I always struggle to find the kind of gift that tell my loved ones that I know who they are. The bonus, though, is that these products are eco and socially conscious.”


"A different place to browse and shop on the Mountain Top. This is a great place to find last minute quality gifts for any age and occasion -- from the beautifully handmade international products, exceptional crafts, to sustainable local and regional pieces. It reminds me of a museum shop, a favorite of mine!"

Isabel Cunha


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