The Essential Cy Twombly


The perfect gift for any long time fan, or newly aspiring artist!  This most accessible survey of Twombly’s work to date is entirely edited and approved by his long time collaborator Nicola De Roscio.

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Cy Twombly is recognized as one of the most idiosyncratic visual artists of the post-war era, and whose works have sustained monumental influence over countless artists throughout the decades following Twombly’s discovery. The abstract expressionism displayed in his craft showcases incredible versatility, sensitivity, and original approach that greatly stands apart from all previous forms of abstract painting. Though largely regarded for this type of abstract work, The Essential Cy Twombly covers a vast plethora of artistic phases and statements that the artist continued to explore right up until his death at the age of 83.

Each chapter is carefully compiled by respected art historians and researchers, allowing an accurate and detailed representation of Twombly’s legacy. Passages by Lazlo Glozer, Simon Schama, and Kirk Varnedoe all provide an in-depth overview of his most important paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photographs from each stage of his career. Compiled by Author Thierry Greub The Essential Cy Twombly is a stunning portrayal of the artist and an informative reference point for anyone looking to expand their artistic horizons. The perfect gift for any long time fan, or newly aspiring artist!

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