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For generations, wood blocks have been an unlimited source of creativity for children of all ages, and continue to play a major role in early childhood development. All Uncle Goose products are made and manufactured in Michigan: the wood, ink, and packaging are all made in the U.S.A and is 100% safe and eco-friendly! Using the fast-growing American basswood trees from the Great Lakes area- the manufacturing process is considered highly sustainable by environmentalists through the repurposing methods of their leftover materials. In short, No scraps will ever go to waste! These blocks require no special treatment or maintenance, and as long as they are handled with care, can last a lifetime. In addition, each Uncle Goose block is handcrafted by their talented and dedicated team of artisans, producing high-quality products. The hope is to supply and serve the literal “Building blocks” for the foundation of your young one’s imaginative possibilities.

14 reviews for Uncle Goose Block Set

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